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I have been working on a research study for almost 2 years which would also help me in pursuing my PhD. Unfortunately, last month our chief scientific officer (CSO) resigned, making it impossible for me to pursue my studies further.

I was extremely disappointed but the faith through the Word of God was my strength and hope (Mark 4:40, Mathew 21:21-22, Mathew 17:20, Mathew 14:31).Many times I doubted my own worth and asked if this was meant to happen. However, all through those times these verses reminded me of my value (Luke 12:7, Mathew 6:26). Even when brother had come to Kuwait, he gave a message​ about this. That very week I was able to process the proposal and submit it. Regarding my PhD, CSO has promised that he will be one of my tutors along with another professor at a very reputed university.

I had also submitted my work in an international conference which is a huge platform. Again, as a test, the company changed its policies, making it very difficult for anyone to travel. Moreover, many of my senior colleagues were also rejected. However, we did not lose hope and continued to pray in faith. We then approached the HR and they said that if the new CSO signs, it can be processed. By God’s grace, the new CSO signed it along with a recommendation from the old CSO.

I truly believe in the powerful hands of God behind all this and I surrender everything for the glory of our Lord God.(Mathew 6:33-34)

Thank you Abba Father!!

All for the glory of God,

I hope through my testimony i can touch someone’s life about praying in faith. Ask in faith and you will receive. (Luke18, Mathew 7:7)

Sina, Kuwait


God has done many works in my life but I would like to talk about this one incident.

There were many issues in my family since 2-3 years. There was lack of communication, understanding, and love between my siblings and my parents. I have been playing the middle person trying with my might and power to sort things out for more than 2 years.

I prayed to Jesus and I used blood of Jesus on my family and situation. Within 2 weeks every issue was sorted out. There is good communication and love in my family. That’s the power of Jesus. For God, nothing is impossible. God is a faithful God. Praise Jesus, the only true ever living God

Sharon Mathew, UK


Praise and thank God for the many ways he has revealed his glory to us. This testimony is long overdue. We had been praying for our older son to find a suitable life partner. During the prayer meeting, Bro announced that someone has been praying for their son to get married. The Lord is blessing their son with a life partner. We claimed that blessing for our son. Another day when my son met Bro., while he was praying he told him that he would meet a life partner and he would get married soon. He did find a life partner, exactly the type of girl he wanted and he is now happily married. Then, suddenly my second son of 33 year old suffered a heart attack. It was a surprise to all of us, including the doctors. It was a shock to all of my family members. It was very hard to accept that my son, so young could have a heart attack. I thank them all for their prayers and support and above all I thank and Praise my Mighty Lord and Savior for giving my son back to me..



My heart rejoices as I share the story of my spiritual journey and our Lord’s miraculous interventions in my life. My name is Jaya and I live in Sydney. Before I got married, I worked in Bangalore and was a member of a prayer group, but not a very active one. It was there when I had my first encounter with Jesus and this stirred in me a strong thirst to know Him more. Sadly I was blinded by my self-righteousness and never quite understood that it’s not by our works but by God’s grace that we are saved. I got married and when we decided to move to Sydney, one of my biggest concerns was how I would continue to get my spiritual nourishment in this unknown land. I prayed that the Lord would make a way but deep down it seemed like an impossible prayer as I didn’t know anyone in Sydney. After the initial excitement of moving to Sydney subsided, I began to feel overwhelmed with my personal and job issues. I prayed to God and said, ” If you exist God, you need to show up”. That very afternoon, out of the blue I got a call from a family member who unbeknown to me was part of SRM Kerala. I put on a facade that things were smooth, so was taken aback when they asked me if I needed spiritual help. I melted and for one hour, they shared the word of God and prayed for me. They prophesied to me, some of which were things only my Lord and I knew; my deepest conversations with Him. What an intimate Father we have. They connected me with a prayer group in Australia and a brother from Perth started teaching me the Word over the phone. I never expected anyone in this busy world to spend their precious time for me. My impossible prayer was answered; the Lord gave me spiritual nourishment in this far away land. I soon began praying for a child. During a typical weekly prayer I had a vision of a small two-year-old girl, dressed in blue standing in front of a church. She had her back towards me so at first I couldn’t see her face. She then slowly turned to face me and she looked exactly like me when I was a child. I knew God was blessing me with a baby. A few days later I had another vision of a baby in a womb and the Holy Spirit prompted me to receive the blessing. Two weeks later I joyfully discovered I was pregnant and surrendered our child for the kingdom of God. My pregnancy was very smooth but as I went past my due date, I had to be induced. After 20 hours of labor, our baby was in distress and I had an emergency C-section. There were complications. Baby Norah did not breath for four minutes after she was born and the doctors had to perform CPR before she started breathing. She was in NICU with 100 percent oxygen support as she suffered from Persistent Pulmonary Hypertension. The doctors tried everything and after a week, she was still critical. All this while, we tried to be strong and faithful. Our spiritual friends & family in Australia prayed for us and gave us positive messages. Yet as a mother it was heart wrenching to see your tiny baby covered with tubes and fighting for her life. Our next option was to move her to Sydney Children’s Hospital. The doctors warned us it was risky but armed with prayer we persisted and she survived the move. Doctors at Sydney’s Children’s Hospital were perplexed as well and tried different treatments. Even through this hopelessness, everyone prayed without ceasing. Everyday I laid my hand on our baby and claimed Isaiah 53:3 “by Jesus’ stripes my baby is healed”. I knew she was our promised child. It took some time before we saw some improvement. But soon she was strong enough to move back to the hospital where she was born. The medical staff were amazed at her improvement and named her ” the miracle baby”. Gradually she grew stronger and 35 days later she came home with us, our happiest day. Today she is completely off from all medication. What a miraculous God we serve – what is impossible with man is possible with God (Luke 18:27) As I conclude, I pray and bless all of you to open your hearts even more to Jesus. My special thanks to all for their prayers and support.

Jaya, Sydney, Australia


Hi all, I was stuck in a petrol station / gasoline station as my motor bike ran out of gasoline/ petrol. There was no current/ power ( black out ) in station and pump is about to close within 15 minutes. Holy Spirit prompted me to pray, I prayed in the name of Jesus Christ, let the line produce electricity/ power and suddenly a spark came. Lord increased my faith and I prayed 1 more time, next moment the supply came back. Praise Jesus.✊✊✊ First I have no intention to pray but Holy Spirit prompted me to obey him. Moment I prayed a spark came, I realized it was REALLY the Holy Spirit. Mean while people were distracting me saying let’s go current/ power won’t come. I prayed let the lines produce electricity in the name of Jesus Christ. For a final time Satan speak ( a thought came and it looks like our mind ) what about if current/power come after 5 minutes, let’s wait. But the Holy Spirit reminded Jesus did all wonder on the moment he prayed and not after 5 minutes. After this revelation striked in my mind. All these thoughts came and gone in split seconds. Praise Jesus…

Rohin, Airport Maintenance Engineer, Trivandrum International Airport, India


Selamat siang. Saya ingin memberi kesaksian saya sedikit, saya selama ini merasa aman/baik sekali setelah membaca Alkitab. Dulu sebelumnya saya percaya pada penyembahan berhala dan selalu mengeluarkan banyak uang untuk membayar orang. Sekarang ini saya tidak mengeluarkan biaya sedikit pun. Setelah membaca Alkitab hampir satu tahun saya merasakan banyak kemajuan dalam hidup saya, apa yang saya minta kepada Tuhan Yesus selalu ada hasilnya. Contohnya suami saya suka merokok dan minum alkohol sekarang Puji Tuhan sudah berhenti dan mulai membaca Alkitab. Kakak dan adik serta beberapa keponakan sudah berubah semua. Dulu saya cepat emosi tapi setelah membaca Alkitab selama satu tahun ini tidak emosi lagi. Dulu kalau tidak dapat posisi di Partai saya stress tapi sekarang saya santai. Dulu kalau naik pesawat cuaca buruk saya takut sekali tapi sekarang saya biasa saja.Saya dulu pendendam sama keluarga dan orang lain tapi sekarang saya justru cepat mengampuni orang yg berbuat salah terhadap saya. Dulu saya suka belanja banyak tapi setelah membaca Alkitab satu tahun ini semua berubah (Mateus 6:33). Kalau satu hari tidak membaca Alkitab itu saya tidak tenang, harus membaca Alkitab setiap hari pagi dan malam (Mazmur 1:2). Suami saya dulu berat sekali mau membaca Alkitab tapi sekarang rajin sekali, karena setiap hari saya selalu meminta kepada Tuhan Yesus.

Theresa, Bali, Indonesia


FOR THE SAKE OF HIS KINGDOM!! I was in an emotional distress and it has made me to be anxious severely. Fear of having serious illness, losing job, going crazy, hard to sleep and hard to concentrate at work. Praise Jesus I went to see a doctor (he’s both medical and spiritual doctor). He invited me to come to their regular class to praise and worship as well as reading and sharing bible. Initially, I thought it’s not gonna work for me (I pray and read bible but only with little faith). Jesus reminds me through a friend and ask me to pray everyday Ephesians 1:15-23 entitled Thanksgiving and prayer. However I love the translation in Bahasa ‘Doa untuk pengertian kemuliaan Kristus’ (Prayer for understanding Christ’s Glory). I started to read this passage few times, day by day I can feel that Jesus has removed my doubt and confusion. Now I can pray and worship with faith, reading and contemplating the bible everyday at least 2-3 hour in a day. Praise Jesus, I feel so different now. All my fears and anxious are gone, I can concentrate at work, I can sleep anytime I want. Most importantly, I feel missing something if I don’t read bible. Sometimes I sit in front of TV just relax and watching soccer match for a while, suddenly I can feel someone tell me ‘go to your bedroom and read bible, don’t waste your time with this useless TV program’. Jesus is alive, Praise Jesus!

Mario, Dili, Timor Leste


Philippians 4:13 13 I can do all things through him who strengthens me. My exams start next week and I have been studying for them. For the subject I was studying for, the lecturer didn’t release the complete solutions to the practice exams. Only the final answers were given for each question. This made it difficult to complete the questions, as I couldn’t see where I was making mistakes. I came across one question; it was different to what I had done before. I attempted the question but I just couldn’t get the same answer as the one my lecturer had given. I attempted the question again and again but just couldn’t get it. I looked at all my notes and sample questions and still couldn’t get it. For some reason I just really wanted to know how to do this question. It seemed like a likely exam question and I wanted to know how to do it, just incase. After multiple attempts, I became frustrated and lost all hope. I just closed my eyes and prayed to Jesus. I asked him please help me understand this question! Help me get the solution! Help me figure it out! I praised him for a while and returned to the question. I attempted the question again and got the solution! Jesus helped me figure out the problem! Praise God! Sometimes we forget that we have the creator of the universe as a friend. He is always right beside us to help us! He truly is the one true LIVING God! We don’t have to struggle through life because if we rely on Jesus he will strengthen us! Most of the time we ask him for help for the big things, like an exam! But we can and should bring the small problems to him too, because he is willing to help! When you are struggling in your studies, work or life in general just call out to Jesus! He cares for you! He will give you the strength you need! He will help you! All we have to do is call out to him and rely on him rather than struggle by ourselves. If I had not called out to him for help, I would have struggled for hours, given up and would have lost all motivation to study. I called out to him and he helped me! He wants to help you too! Whatever your struggle is, maybe its exams or maybe it something else, whatever it is Jesus can and will help you! Just let him in! He will strengthen you! Call out to him! He will come to you with the solution!

Reshma, Perth Australia


I was having some tough time at office with heavy work load. I had to extend my shift everyday and it made me weak both spiritually and physically. I even planned to put immediate resignation as I felt rejected at work place. But, The Holy Spirit asked me to continue the work and to show dedication to all task in workplace for our Lord values our efforts (Prov 16:3).And Holy Spirit made me to meditate on the impossible things that he made happen over ages as nothing is impossible for God (Luke 1:37) I claimed and hoped for the good (Rom 5:5) as the word of God says, Lord may fulfill all our desires, according to his riches in glory in Christ Jesus (Phil 4:19).. Then it was the time for my yearly work evaluation and I was in tears after seeing my performance rating. It was 10 out of 10, which is quite impossible as per worldly​ means…But is our Lord Jesus who made it possible. If God is for us who be against us.. Rom 8:31 Praise Yeshua…

Nimmy, Software Professional, Kochi, India


It was all about my first year Msc nursing supplementary exam .”Its not by might or by power but my spirit (Zechariah 4:6) that I faced this exam It was the first time that I was tasting failure in my studies and I felt too difficult to study once more and write again.So I surrendered the task completely to HOLY SPIRIT . On the day of exam in the morning prayer holy spirit said me “I will help you in this exam”. So with holy spirit I reached examination hall.Really the glory of God was manifested in that examination room.” Because our God is faithful in his promises and merciful in all his acts(psalms 145:13) Only what ever I studied in the previous day and on the day of exam was asked for the exam.I couldn’t even think of a word ,Holy spirit was continuously filling my paper with right answers. John 14:26 says- but the advocate ,HOLY SPIRIT ,whom the father will send in my name will TEACH you and REMIND you all I have said So I could pass with an excellent result in that exam Isiah 40:30 says – even youths will faint and be weary and young will fall and exhausted, but those who wait for the Lord shall renew their strength they shall Mount up with wings like eagles ” Praise Jesus.

Stefy, Kottayam, India


On 2014 I have been diagnosed with crystals in uterus, every 3 months was doing ultrasound. Then answering my prayers Lord send a person through my cousin in East TIMOR. Psalm 18:6 In my distress I called to the LORD; I cried to my God for help. From his temple he heard my voice; my cry came before him, into his ears. I got connected to him through Facebook, he pushed me to read Bible and taught me to do prayers from own heart. Through him I understood God will never give sickness / sickness is not from God. Then he came to my home for pray on June 9,2017. We had a small bible sharing and he prayer over me and family. I did ultrasound again and today JUNE 10th , 2017; I got results from the doctor and the doctor said the results was good and normal. LORD has healed me by his power of Word. Exodus 15:26 – He said, “If you listen carefully to the LORD your God and do what is right in his eyes, if you pay attention to his commands and keep all his decrees, I will not bring on you any of the diseases I brought on the Egyptians, for I am the LORD, who heals you. Now me and my family , Every morning gets up and reading the Bible and pray ,I feel the joy of the LORD. Also that day the Brother spoke and encourages my kids to seek JESUS in simple way, since then I can see changes in their life as well. Acts 16:31 31 They answered, “Believe on the Lord Jesus, and you will be saved, you and your household.” All GLORY to JESUS the KING of KINGS Revelation 19:16New Revised Standard Version (NRSV) 16 On his robe and on his thigh he has a name inscribed, “King of kings and Lord of lords.”

Micato Ribeirom, Melbourne Australia


I had a great desire to know who is the living God… There was something missing in my life… As Psalms says God grants the desires of your heart. ( Psalms 37:4) My spiritual blindness ( 2 Corinthians 4:4 ) was removed as I began reading the word and I began to thirst for Jesus as a deer wants for water…. the Lord revealed to me through his prophets ( Amos 3:7) how to worship him in spirit and in truth( John 4:24) …about the authority the Lord has given me in Luke.10:19 became real to me….now I am purchased from the kingdom of darkness to the kingdom of light. And I will proclaim his mighty deeds as long as I live.

Dr.Rinku, Kerala


Testimony I was suffering from tonsils for many years. I have been prayed for several times and I did get ok temporarily. But after a while my tonsils would be worse than before. I reached a stage where I could practically eat nothing, no fruits, no sour food, no oil or fried food, nothing cold, not even water at room temperature. I could only drink hot water. I also developed seasonal allergies and exposure to wind, cold, dust, smoke made me sick. I would be down with fever every month or twice a month because of tonsils. I was asked to operate the tonsils as it became septic. I remember being on medication for 365 days, for years. Last month I was prayed for and experienced a complete healing from my tonsils. I was told to reject sickness as it is not from God. Brother also encouraged me to grow in the word. My spiritual blindness was torn away and now I can spend hours reading the Bible. I took a decision to forgive and now I’ve been able to let go of years of unforgiveness and bitterness. I also believed and continually claimed Isaiah 53:4-5, 1 Peter 2:24. And now I bear no trace of pain or infection.

Shreya, Pune


I want to share the story of my spiritual journey. My name Gaspar from Timor Leste and I live in Dili. I am working at hospital as a psychiatrist. On 5 August 2016 around midday I got phone called from my uncle in village Uato Carbau where my mother (Angela) got sick with high fever and chills. My young brother is doctor and his wife as well. They live in village. Both started treated her on medications. After medical treatments without any improvement. Because of medications not responded, they decided called upon traditional healer. Traditional healer mixed wood and water and gave it to my mother, also using betel leaf after shew and apply it to her body. Her condition getting worse and she went to coma around 11.00 am on 05.08. 2016. Her blood pressure was low 80/60 mmHg. From Dili we managed to get car on 4 pm that day. We left capital Dili to village with my two young brothers. At same time I sent messages to prayer group asking to pray for my mother because fever and chills. I did not know that my mother has been in coma with high fever since 11 am. My uncle did not tell me about her conditions. But my uncle asked me to come to village because my mother got very sick. After six and half hours we met an ambulance at one subdictrict Uatolari . We stop an ambulance and get down and ask four family members accompanied my mother moved to other car came from Dili. I get in an ambulance and asked one my cousin came with me. My young brother (doctor) and driver sit at front. My mother lying down in coma, her face looks dark with high fever. I checked her blood pressure still the same as above. After few menits we two started pray. We said sorry to Jesus and ask for forgiveness and calling Blood of Jesus for clean our sins. After that we ask forgiveness for my mother. After calling upon Blood of Jesus to restore her healthy few menits, I decided sprinkle water to my mother face. Suddenly she open her eyes and her fever gone. Praise Jesus. About one menit later she closed her eyes. I told my cousin that when we near to District Hospital VIQUEQUE we will pray again to wake her up before enter to emergency room so the doctor can check on her. On our way to District Hospital took almost two and half hours. I started put on music “ Sing Halleluijah” in low volume through mobile phone, and we two started sharing testimonies about our faith more than two hours. Twenty menits before we reach district hospital both of us start pray. We said sorry to Jesus and ask for forgiveness and calling upon Blood of Jesus to clean our sins. After that both of us started calling BLOOD OF JESUS and SPRINKLE BLOOD OF JESUS to give strenght and healing to my mother. We called BLOOD OF JESUS several menits and I took water sprinkle it to my mother face and suddenly she wake up after fourteen hours in coma. She was coma in 11 am and wake up on 00.15 midnight.. My mother could recognized us one by one. PRAISE JESUS. JESUS, You are “doctor above all doctors”. I was surprised by the miracle happen to my mother because it was first time happen in my family. I quicly check on her blood pressure. My mother blood pressure went down to critical 60 mmHg, I was a bit concern about her blood pressure and Holy Spirit remainded me that devil testing you with your mother blood pressure. My Counselor Holy Spirit came on time. PRAISE JESUS. My mother started ate biscuit and drink two cups of water. Later on she asked for toilet and she get down from an ambulance went to toilet with emergency staff. She came back from toilet and was sit down while doctor at Emergency room check on her blood pressure. It was not detected her blood pressure even though my mother felt normal. The doctor at Emergency told us that the machine to meassure the blood pressure was an Error. Emergency doctor decided to hand over our mother to us and we took her to Dili. We reached Dili next day on 06.08.2016 around 9 am. I checked my mother blood pressure and her blood pressure back to normal. As a doctor I do nothing for my mother. I only carry my stetoscope. JESUS done everything for my mother. All Honor and Glory only for You, JESUS. WE LOVE YOU JESUS…..THANK YOU JESUS…..

Dr.Gaspar, Timor Leste


Praise the lord ! 2 weeks back I had severe pain in my leg.i prayed and Holyspirit reminded me Isaiah 53:3 ” by Jesus stripes Iam healed” I put my hand on my leg and kept saying by Jesus stripes Jaya is healed” after 20 min my pain disappeared.Praise the lord ! Jaya Joseph, Australia

Jaya Joseph, Australia


Praise the Lord Jesus Christ,

First of all I thank the one and only true God, Jesus Christ for his Grace, making me to stand here and share my testimony . I live in PE, Canada and work in a restaurant. I started to have severe health issue in my urinary system that made it very difficult to go to work I called brother and he prayed for me through phone. The Holy spirit reveled him that it was because of the agreement that I made with satan with my free will through my sins. Our father God has the mighty power yet he has given the free will to choose what we want(sirach 15/15). If we choose his way, we will be under him. But if we choose the worldly way we will automatically fall under satan’s power. If we want Jesus to work on our life, we must renounce all the relation with satanic kingdom, that is our worldly life and give ourself fully to Jesus.He then asked me renounce all the agreements and go for a full per that I went for the confession I renounce all the agreements and I renewed my commitment to Lord’s kingdom. I called brother again. In Jesus mighty name he prayed and cancelled all the strongholds that satan had on me. He announced full healing and told me with in two days the sickness will go. It has been said that the anointed can pray for us with understanding. In exact two days I was fully healed and am able to go to work. All praises to the Lord Jesus!..

Sonia, Canada


My name is Mwanje Jovan. At the retreat at Bukulula parish, Br.Joe told us how we can use Bible words to heal, cause rain, and many others. From the testimonies in his life, I understood more about the power of the bible words. When I left on Sunday, I had no phone. I didn’t have the money for it so I prayed to Jesus through John 1:12 because I know am a child of God. I asked in name of Jesus for a new phone and the next day my uncle sent me money to buy a phone for which I did not ask him for. Now I can use the Internet and WhatsApp. Praise Jesus

Another thing, I reached home and saw people crying at the village. As we are farming communities, rain is very important for the crops to grow. No crops means nothing to sell. People at the village were crying because of no rain. We haven’t had rain in a long time as it doesn’t rain in January. So I spoke in name of Jesus in faith using Matthew 7:7 and John 14:14 for Jesus to bless us with rain. In the morning, it was raining until noon. Yet people in our village say it does not rain in January. Praise Jesus for this miracle and now farmers are very happy at our village.

Neither weather, nor season, nor time can stop Jesus. When I spoke in Jesus name, it rained despite of the season or month. My God can do the impossible @ Luke 1:37. I believed in Jesus, and I received in his name @ Matthew 21:22. All praise and glory to Jesus.

Mwanje Jovan



So I’ve something to share, last year I went to the doctors because I was struggling badly with anxiety related issues, I was prescribed tablets to take for it. I tried my best not to completely rely on the tablets, but every now and then when things got a bit too stressful I took the tablets. As Proverbs 12:25 says-“Anxiety in a man’s heart weighs him down, but a good word makes him glad”. I’ve been wanting to throw away the pills given to me for a while now, but every time I wanted to, something stopped me and I was worried that without the pills I won’t be able to overcome anxiety.

But Word of God says-“1 Peter 5:7 Cast all your anxiety on him because he cares for you”! So i put my trust on this verse and since last week the more I started to read the bible and know more about Jesus I realized I don’t need the pills,

As per Wisdom 16:12-“ For neither herb nor poultice cured them, but it was your word, O Lord, that heals all people”. I have the answer I need in Jesus, so today I threw all the pills away in the bin, I wanted to do it since May 2018, but through Jesus today I was finally able to Philippians 4:13-“I can do all things through him who strengthens me”!

Alkha, UK


Me and my husband, we were living together before marriage and from our relationship I was pregnant. One night I took my partner’s wallet for money, suddenly I saw black magic inside his wallet, I asked him, what is this? Why do we always be together and I always hold your wallet? I didn’t see it and now I just see, with tears I ask him like this and he answers me, don’t u know? Do you? This is always used by a person if they want to date a girl, I just cried and was silent. We arrived in Dili and before I gave birth we received sacrament matrimony, and our marriage for a month and my daughter was a week old, he escaped. Our marriage now is going to 12 years old, he never looked for us as his wife and daughter, he did ask me but by Facebook through my friend.

I have seven siblings, my parents adopted a boy and one girl is our cousin that has lived together with us since a child and we assume both of them as our siblings, and we are together 9 siblings. In 2012 my father decided to not live with us anymore and built a new life with another woman. I stay with my mom and my other siblings and we are still together until now.

I engaging in sex when I was young, I was dating a lot of people. I was living together with some as a partner. After I finished my secondary school I continued my bachelor degree, but I was there only 2 years and I came back because I was pregnant. After my husband escaped, I dated with some men and we having sex. I stopped having sex and dating in 2017.

I also know people do black magic when I was child. During my life, my father always bring me to people do black magic and my dad also invited those people to our house to do some ritual such as using betel leaf, killing the chicken, my dad spent a lot of money on it. Almost all of us there when the ritual happens. Since my father left home, I still continue the habit of going to people do black magic if I feel unwell, I feel uncomfortable. Lastly we invited people do black magic to our house in February 2018, since I was massaged by that person, my body gets problem, I can’t sleep well, sometimes I just sleep an hour, I always feel anxious, too much scare and fear, depress and many problem that I facing until now. I spent a lot of money for medical checkup, I consume a lot of medicine and the medicine doesn’t work.

In 2017 I joined the group in church and the group runs in doing charity but I stopped when I joined the bible sharing group.

I joined a bible sharing group in June 2018, I started reading bible in Oct 2018 and I am active to go to fellowship on Sunday. After attending a retreat in 2019 I started to see light. I always see the light appearing around me till now. God’s words greatly changed my life. I feel I have a new life, I didn’t confess and now I did, I used to wear half-naked clothes and now I don’t, I used to watch porn films and now I don’t, I feel that many things have changed me by God.

Before Reading Bible After Reading Bible
Dating No dating (since 2017)
Having Sex No sex (since 2017)
Watching porn film No porn film (since 2021)
Facebook (everyday) No facebook (since August 2020)
Whatsapp (Main family, relative, friend, colleagues, unknown) Whatsapp (Main family, colleagues and sharing group Bible)
Half-naked clothes No
Angry, shout, scream No (Since 2020)
Movie No movie since 2020
Didn’t pay 10% of salary Pay 10% since 2019
Night out in the weekend No night out since mid-2019
Hang out Hang out (once for 2 or 3 months)
Gossip Gossip (occasionally)
Pray Rosary No Rosary
Go to People do Black magic Never
Youtube (everyday) Youtube (sometimes)
Smoking and drinking alcohol No (since mid-2019)
Party (almost every week) Party (important – relative)
Taking my brother’s money without telling him No (since 2019)

I would like to let you know about the difficulties I had during deliverance class. Usually when there is a new topic that i follow, it is very difficult for me to ask, and I don’t know, why? But I take the notes. Regarding the two movies I received from you by email, I don’t yet watch them but when I want to watch a movie or something else I always get manifestation.

This is a short story from me that you need to know and I am very grateful because God has sent you to me to know Him and live according to His will.


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