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1000 Praises 7



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S. No Praises Verses
601 He who upholds the widows and the fatherless Ps 146:9
602 The Lord watches over the strangers Ps 146:9
603 He who loves the stranger giving him food and clothing Deu 10:18
604 God who gives the desolate, a home to dwell Ps 68:6
605 God You provide from Your goodness for the poor Ps 68:10
606 The Lord who has compassion on His servant Ps 135:14
607 The Lord who delights in the welfare of His servant Ps 35:27
608 Lord who confirms the words of His servant Isa 44:26
609 Lord who performs the counsel of His messengers Isa 44:26
610 Lord who redeems of the soul of His servant Ps 104:4
611 Lord who will avenge the blood of His servant Deu 32:43
612 The Lord who makes His face shine upon His servant Ps 31:16
613 The steps of a good man are ordered by You O Lord Ps 37:23
614 Though he falls, he shall not be utterly cast down, for Lord, You uphold him with Your right hand Ps 37:24
615 God who saves the upright in heart Ps 7:10
616 The Lord who weighs the heart Pro 21:2
617 God who tests the heart and mind Ps 7:9
618 God who tests the righteous Ps 11:5
619 God who is with the generations of the righteous Ps 14:5
620 The Lord hears and delivers the righteous out of their troubles Ps 34:17
621 Many are the afflictions of the righteous, but Lord You deliver him out of them all Ps 34:19
622 The Lord guards all the bones of the righteous, not one of them will be broken Ps 34:20
623 The righteous will not be forsaken nor his descendants will beg for bread Ps 37:25
624 Lord, with favour, You will surround the righteous as with a shield Ps 5:12
625 The Lord who upholds the righteous Ps 37:17
626 The Lord shall help the righteous and deliver them Ps 37:40
627 You shall never permit the righteous to be moved Ps 55:22
628 The Lord who makes the righteous to flourish like the palm tree and help him grow like a ceder in Lebanon Ps 92:12
629 The Lord who loves the righteous Ps 146:8
630 The righteous shall be fresh and flourishing and still bear fruit in old age Ps 92:14
631 Lord You are with the good 2Chro 19:11
632 The Lord who knows the days of the upright Ps 37:18
633 For those walk upright, the Lord does good thing Ps 84:11
634 The Lord who lifts the humble Ps 147:6
635 The one who beautifies the humble with salvation Ps 149:4
636 To the humble, Lord You teach Your way Ps 25:8
637 He who teaches sinners in the way Ps 25:8
638 To them who fear O Lord You will show Your covenant Ps 25:14
639 The faithful God who keeps covenant and mercy for a thousand generations Deu 7:9
640 Lord You will never forsake Your saints Ps 37:28
641 He who preserves the way of His saints Pro 2:8
642 He who guards the feet of His saints 1Sam 2:9
643 God who is greatly to be feared in the assembly of saints Ps 89:7
644 He who is held in reverence by all those around Him Ps 89:7
645 The Lord who is praised by Cherubims and Seraphims Isa 6:2
646 The one who lifts up my hand Ps 3:3
647 My horn, You have exalted like a wild ox Ps 92:10
648 He who sets me on high places Ps 18:33
649 The Lord who sustains me Ps 3:5
650 O! Lord, You alone make me dwell in safety Ps 4:8
651 Lord, You were and You are my support Ps 18:18
652 You will light my lamp and will enlighten my darkness Ps 18:28
653 You have opened my ears Ps 40:6
654 Lord, You have heard the voice of my supplication Ps 28:6
655 Lord, You have heard the voice of my weeping Ps 6:8
656 Lord, you have put my tears into Your bottle Ps 56:8
657 Lord, You have delivered my feet from falling Ps 116:8
658 Lord, You have set my feet upon a rock Ps 40:2
659 Lord, You shall pluck my feet out of the net Ps 25:15
660 You will keep my feet from being caught Pro 3:26
661 You make my feet like the feet the deer Ps 18:33
662 You have enlarged my path under me, that my feet did not slip Ps 18:36
663 God who makes my way perfect Ps 18:32
664 He who owns all my ways Dani 5:23
665 Lord, You have not given me into the hands of the enemy; but have set my feet in a wide place Ps 31:8
666 Lord, You have also brought me out into broad place Ps 18:19
667 When I called in my distress Lord You answered me and set me in a wide place Ps 118:5
668 You have delivered me out of all trouble Ps 54:7
669 You save me from violence 2Sam22:3
670 You shall deliver me in six troubles, yes, in seven no evil shall touch me Job 5:19
671 You will bring me into the strong city Ps 60:9
672 He who teaches my hands to make war Ps 18:34
673 He who trains my hands for war and my finger for battle Ps 144:1
674 Taking us by our arms, You taught us to walk Hos 11:3
675 He who delivers His servant from the deadly sword Ps 144:10
676 He who redeems us from the power of sword in war Job 5:20
677 Lord You have covered my head in the day of battle Ps 140:7
678 You have redeemed my soul in peace from the battle which was against me Ps 55:18
679 You have subdued under me those who rose against me Ps 18:39
680 Lord You have heard the reproach of my enemies and all their schemes and their whispering Lam 3:61
681 Lord You have heard the lips of my enemies and their whispering against me all the day Lam 3:62
682 O Lord, You have seen how I am wronged Lam 3:59
683 God who arms me with strength Ps 18:32
684 Lord, You have commanded Your strength to me Ps 68:28
685 Yes, You have loved me with an everlasting love, Therefore with loving kindness You have drawn me Jer 31:3
686 Though I have not known You, You have named me Isa 45:4
687 Your greatness has made me great Ps 18:35
688 You have made me the head of the nations Ps 18:43
689 God who subdues the people under me Ps 18:47
690 You will subdue the nations under our feet Ps 47:3
691 He who delivers me from the striving of the people Ps 18:43
692 You shall keep me secretly in a pavilion from the strife of tongues Ps 31:20
693 God who avenges me Ps 18:47
694 The Lord who says “Vengeance is mine, I will repay” Rom 12:19
695 You will repay my enemies for their evil Ps 54:5
696 Lord, You will not be slack with him who hates You, but will repay him to his face Deu 7:10
697 God, You shall let me see my desire on my enemies Ps 59:10
698 They are brought to shame who seek my hurt Ps 71:24
699 Lord, Through Your commandments make me wiser than my enemies Ps 119:98
700 He who cast out many nations great and mightier than me Deu 7:1


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