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Bible Sharing from Luke 2: Verse 41 to 52

Verse 41: It was mandatory for all the Jewish males to appear before the God for 3 times a year at the festival of unleavened bread, festival of weeks, and at the festival of booths (Deuteronomy 16:16)

Verse 49 : Jesus calls the temple as the “house” of God (1 Kings 8:17, 20) and God as His father (John 2:16;5:17,14:11,16:28,1 John 4:15), this directly shows the divinity of Jesus, being God – The Son

Verse 51: Jesus left the temple and went to Nazareth with Joseph and Mary and was obedient to them. This shows the pattern of godly obedience (Sirach 3, Ephesians 6:1,Colossians 3:20, Exodus 20:12)

Verse 52: Jesus is God incarnate (John 1:1, 14), the power of God and the wisdom of God (1 Corinthians 1:24, 1:30) and in Jesus all the treasures of wisdom and knowledge are hidden (Colossians 2:3)

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